Meizu, Not Just iPhone Wannabe!

Here it's, let me welcome you to technology companies from China who is currently riding his name , Meizu or in its Chinese language 魅族 科技 有限公司 is becoming a hot topic in the net. Why? Because there said that the company has actually been established since 2003, is one company that will use the Ubuntu OS later after they were officially released Meizu MX4 Poster with Ubuntu OS in it. Here's the picture.


Want to know more, then I visit the official website of Meizu. There I saw that Meizu has a really good product and has launched some of them ( but , I don’t know if they launch these products in Indonesia  yet). If there is one I want to buy some, because... check it out.

Meizu M1 Note

Cool, right?
Another Meizu M1 Note Picture

Meizu MX4

Seems Legit!

...and the front page of its website


Those pictures above bit much reminds me of the pictures that will be my next.

This is iPhone 5c if You Forgotten
Brand New iPhone 6
Apple Website

Never know, maybe just a coincidence .
But clearly the mobile phone companies in China seems now better in terms of products than a few years ago and now they not only make a Fake iPhone, they make their own product and nailed it! :p